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Dr. Steven Mickley is in the news

We’d like to share a thoughtful piece on the increasing popularity of concierge medicine written by the Silver Century Foundation, which features our own Dr. Steven Mickley.  He succinctly explains why the current state of healthcare spurred his change to concierge medicine at Glenville Medical. “In the old days, you really had the time to address every problem when the patient came in. You didn’t have to hurry them or skip things and make them come back. Nowadays, a lot of doctors just refer out to some other subspecialist because they don’t have time to deal with it,” he told writer Leigh Ann Hubbard. Dr. Mickley also discussed the broad appeal of concierge medicine across the age spectrum, including younger people with bad health habits who need preventive care, people with chronic, complicated problems who require extensive follow-up, and those who simply adore their physician and want to remain with him over the long term. One of Dr. Mickley’s patients offered this compelling reason for joining Glenville Medical: “We don’t know what our health care needs are going to be [going] forward. To have somebody that you can trust over the long term—it’s worth the cost, knowing that they’re going to be there for you.”

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Dr. Jeffrey Puglisi is in the News!

Whether you are a physician or patient, we think you’ll find the conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Puglisi a meaningful one. Radio Health Journal’s Reed Pence dug deep to explore why many primary care doctors, unhappy with “factory medicine,” have created concierge medicine practices in order to offer patients much longer appointments, greater access, and more personal care.

Physician accessibility is a priority in concierge medical care, Dr. Puglisi told Reed Pence.

“Many patients always ask me, or residents that I’m teaching ask me, ‘What’s the difference between a good doctor and a great doctor?’ And I always say that the difference is accessibility. When a patient is sick and in need, whatever that issue may be, whether it’s acutely life-threatening or otherwise, whether it’s two in the morning or two in the afternoon, I think that physician needs to be available.”


Listen to the full recording below or download the free podcast here.

Jeffrey Puglisi, MD Awarded CMT 2016 Top Doctors

Top docs awardConcierge Medicine Today Releases The ‘Top Doctors in Concierge Medicine’ List for 2016 In The Field of Concierge Medicine.

OCTOBER 1, 2015 – Dr. Jeffrey Puglisi is among twenty-one (21) Physicians who have been named to Concierge Medicine Today’s annual ‘Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine’ for 2016, a distinction held by less than one percent of doctors across the country each year.

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Dr. Jeffrey Puglisi & Glenville Medical Concierge Care Present: Lessons From The Heart

Jeffrey-S-Puglisi-MD-webLearn how to prevent heart disease and get the most out of your yearly physical at a special presentation for Kennedy members by Dr. Jeff Puglisi and Glenville Medical Concierge Care.


POSTPONED: Originally scheduled for Saturday March 28th, this event will take place at a later date.
Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club of Darien (1089 Post Road, Darien, CT)

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