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  • Junk Food – What’s so Trashy? August 27, 2011

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    “Junk foods” tend to be a way of life for today’s on-the-go society, whether it is a quick snack or a fast food meal. Eating while driving or watching television is a common pastime. In both cases, people are distracted and tend ... Continue Reading

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) August 27, 2011

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    The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a quick, easy and efficient screening tool to identify weight problems in adults. While BMI is a strong indicator of body fat percentage, it can vary for age, race and sex. It is important to note that the ... Continue Reading

  • Gas, Constipation and other Irregularities August 27, 2011

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    Gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort, such as gas, constipation or loose stools, are issues everyone experiences at some point. However, if these issues are frequent or persistent, they should not be ignored. For some people, this may be easier said than done. Generally, talking about GI ... Continue Reading

  • Superfoods Boost your Health June 27, 2011

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    Hardly a week goes by without a new study touting the health benefits of some food or beverage. Recently the word “superfood” has emerged as a label for an assortment of foods that help boost our health. What are some of these foods ... Continue Reading

  • Diabetes and Aging – Know your Risks June 27, 2011

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    Many people have the perception that type 2 diabetes is a health risk only for overweight individuals. It is true that those who are obese account for approximately 60% of the 17 million adults with diabetes in the United States. However, ... Continue Reading

  • Food/Drug Interaction Awareness April 27, 2011

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    For some of us, an increase in the use of prescription drugs might be a rite of passage as we age. For others who live with a chronic illness, taking several prescription drugs daily is routine. In any circumstance, patients should ... Continue Reading

  • Fiber 101 April 27, 2011

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    Bread and cereal labels beckon you with phrases such as “whole grain guarateed,” “high-fiber” and even “extra fiber.” We know that a certain amount of fiber in our daily diet helps promote good health, but why?

    Years ago, our mothers ... Continue Reading

  • Heart Attack Symptoms – More than only Chest Pains April 27, 2011

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    When most people hear the words “heart attack,” a dramatic image of someone (usually a man clutching his chest) typically comes to mind. This dramatic perception is what the American Heart Association calls the “movie heart attack.” And while it is true that many ... Continue Reading

  • Salad – What Color is Yours? January 27, 2011

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    People will often say they order salads in restaurants when they are trying to lose weight. They believe eating a salad will decrease their calorie intake … but not all salads are created equal. If you are not careful, ... Continue Reading

  • Germs – Surprising places they hide January 27, 2011

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    When it comes to avoiding germs, your smart phone may not be so smart. Experts say cell phones are hot spots for bacteria growth. As we head into the height of cold and flu season, it is important to be aware of where germs ... Continue Reading