Information You Can Trust..Check in to The Dr. Steven Mickley Community Health Resource Section at Greenwich Hospital

Greenwich Hospital

Google can bring you back 100,000 answers; a librarian can bring back the right one.

– Neil Gaiman, award-winning author

The October 8 issue of Greenwich Time features an in-depth look at a gem of a resource – The Dr. Steven Mickley Community Health Resource Section of the Medical Library at Greenwich Hospital. Opened in March 2015, thanks to the generous funding of an anonymous donor who wished to honor Dr. Mickley for his decades of outstanding health care to the community, the library is the first of its kind in the region. The mission: to encourage and enable individuals to make informed decisions about their own healthcare. ”In an age of information overload, the need for trustworthy, accurate sources has never been more important,” says Dr. Mickley. Resources include brochures, books on health and healthcare, online resources, computers with pre-programmed, reliable health website icons for patrons to just point and click, free Wi-Fi, and a comfortable reading area. In addition to a plethora of medical information, perhaps the key to the library is the one-on-one private consultations offered by a specially trained healthcare librarian. She is available to consult with patients’ families, as well as members of the Greenwich community, to help inform them when they have to make serious healthcare decisions. Her office is open to the public for any health information research, and all services are free.

Read the article in Oct. 8 Greenwich Time here:

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