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  • Kidney Stones: Treatment & Prevention September 4, 2019

    Health News 2019 Q2 3 Kidney Stones - Health News for the Well-Read Patient

    This Too Shall Pass: Treating and Preventing Kidney Stones

    More common, frequently less painful and far more preventable than reputed, kidney stones have, thankfully, entered a new era of highly effective, noninvasive procedures. We bring you ... Continue Reading

  • Keto Diet: Right for You? August 1, 2019

    HealthNews 2R1 Keto 1 - Health News for the Well-Read Patient

    HealthNews 2R1 Keto 1 300x247 - Health News for the Well-Read PatientConsidering Keto: Is It the Right Diet for You?

    The truth is that a silver bullet for weight loss likely ... Continue Reading

  • Fight Fatigue July 9, 2019

    Novamed HealthNews 2R1 Fight Fatigue 1 - Health News for the Well-Read Patient

    Wake-up Call: Fight Fatigue at Its Roots

    Are these ordinary signs of aging? Exhausted throughout the day, joy in life slowly diminishing, active lifestyle becoming a distant memory. No, no and no. Feeling tired all the ... Continue Reading

  • June 18th: Dr. Jeff Puglisi Panel Discussion May 30, 2019

    Jeff Puglisi, MD: A Peer Breakfast Discussion

    Sharing the concierge medicine message: Dr. Jeff Puglisi to participate in upcoming peer breakfast

    Dr. Puglisi has been invited to discuss the benefits of concierge care at a June 18th Peer Breakfast focused on elevating the patient experience. Joining ... Continue Reading

  • Spring Training April 2, 2019

    Well Read Patient q1 19 Spring training Universal - Health News for the Well-Read Patient

    Spring Training: Ramping Up after a Long, Sedentary Winter

    Whether you went into hibernation as the result of a record cold winter season, or took time off from your usual exercise routine because of a busy ... Continue Reading

  • Medical Marijuana Myths April 2, 2019

    Well Read Patient q1 19 Medical marijuana - Health News for the Well-Read Patient

    Smoking Out the Myths: Medical Marijuana

    Does medical marijuana offer a solution to treating epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety and neurogenerative diseases? Or is it an untested, potentially unsafe treatment that will eventually turn out to be ... Continue Reading

  • Adult ADD April 2, 2019

    Well Read Patient q1 19 Adult ADD - Health News for the Well-Read Patient

    Attention Please: ADD/ADHD is Not Just a Childhood Condition

    In the 21stcentury, it’s standard procedure to test unfocused, impulsive and restless children who struggle to achieve in school for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit ... Continue Reading

  • In the News: Dr. Cipriani and Dr. Puglisi featured in just-released concierge medicine podcast March 26, 2019

    Dr. Jeff Puglisi and Dr. Ralph Cipriani of Glenville Medical Concierge CareA recently released podcast from Concierge Medicine Today, the industry’s leading publication, makes for compelling listening with Dr. Ralph Cipriani and Dr. Jeff Puglisi at the microphone. The high-level discussion features thoughtful insights from our doctors ... Continue Reading

  • The Age of Anxiety January 11, 2019

    age of anxiety - Health News for the Well-Read Patient

    Higher Anxiety? Our ‘age of anxiety’ began four centuries ago

    It can come on suddenly and intensely, causing shaking, confusion and difficulty breathing for no apparent reason…trigger an irrational avoidance of elevators or public transportation…or become ... Continue Reading

  • Going with the Grain January 11, 2019

    going with the grain - Health News for the Well-Read Patient

    Going with the Grain

    They may be the culinary trendsetters of the 21st century, but the ancient wonders of the grain world have remain unchanged for the last several hundred years. From chia to kamut, sorghum ... Continue Reading