Glenville Medical physicians participate in LOOK health event

Pictured left to right: Dr. Jeffrey Puglisi, Dr. Sharon Giese, Michele Graham (LOOK Lifestyle Editor), Amy Lewis (LOOK Fitness Editor) and Dr. Saul Rothenberg

Physicians from Glenville Medical Concierge Care recently participated in the Live Your Best Life event presented by Fairfield County LOOK at the Greenwich Field Club.

The event centered on a panel discussion moderated by LOOK Lifestyle Editor Michele Graham.

The panelists included a sleep expert, a plastic surgeon, the fitness editor for LOOK and Jeff Puglisi, MD, an internal medicine physician at Glenville Medical.

Graham and the dozens of audience members presented each of the panelists with a wide range of questions and topics throughout the evening.

Drs. Jeff Puglisi and Ralph Cipriani, both internal medicine physicians at Glenville Medical, described the importance of the physician-patient relationship in providing preventative care.

Puglisi and Cipriani practice concierge medicine, a membership-based model that allows physicians to spend more time with their patients, building a meaningful connections that benefit both the patient and the physician.

Graham says too often we overlook the significance of having a meaningful and productive relationship with our primary care physician, which is why it was so important to have Puglisi and Cipriani participate in the event.

“[Primary care physicians] often have a deeper knowledge of our personal health journey than any other medical professional in our lives and are crucial to building a solid foundation for addressing ongoing health and wellness issues,” said Graham.

Puglisi agreed.

“We’re excited about any opportunity to educate our community about preventive health topics and show the importance of a team approach to medical care,” he said.

About Glenville Medical Concierge Care

At Glenville Medical Concierge Care, all patients receive the highest level of commitment and care from our dedicated, experienced physicians. We practice medicine the way it’s meant to be, with extended, unhurried visits, a customized plan for your wellness and a strong focus on prevention. Our collective expertise and collaborative approach allows us to blend the latest in medical advances with truly personalized care.

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